Western Bhutan Walking Holiday

Western Bhutan Walking Holiday


On this hiking vacation to Bhutan, you can admire the physical and spiritual grandeur of this less- traveled, peaceful nation, which also includes tours to remote villages and temples. There are several festivals and cultural events to visit while on a trekking trip to Bhutan, with Buddhism taking center stage in spring (March and April and fall(September and October).


  • Engage in cultural hikes and serene nature hikes.
  • Bhutan Lungchutse Nature Hike, Buddha Dordenma Cultural Walk, Dochula Pass 3000-4000m
  •  Khamsum Yuelay Namgyal Chorten located at Punakha. 
  •  Hike up to Tiger’s Nest and then proceed to the peak.
  • Agricultural splendor, tranquility in rural cottages, and rice fields
  • Authentic home-cooked meals and meaningful cultural exchange
  • A bustling market, historical practices, and modern circumstances
  • Games involving archery
  • Massive historic fortifications and historical monuments

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