Spiritual Adventure In Bhutan

Spiritual Adventure In Bhutan


This tour is a journey into the heart of Bhutan, steeped in Buddhism, where the forces of nature are severe, yet equally balanced with the lives and faith of the people. This tour begins easy and is moderately active as it progresses with plenty to look around and take-in the raw natural and spiritual beauty of the country.

Our tours are designed at a slower pace with ample time for casual birders too, who are also interested in cultural exposure. As well, along the way there will be plentiful time to stop at a moment’s notice for photo opportunities.


  • Temples and monasteries perched on peaks and ridges and accessible only on foot, footpaths & mule tracks, high mountain passes
  • Meet Bhutanese families in their beautiful homes
  • Visit fortress-monasteries that are masterpieces of Bhutan’s unique architecture
  • Daily encounters with farmers, horsemen, shopkeepers, bar owners, weavers, monks, teachers, school children and others, who without exception are friendly, responsive to our interest in them and interested to know more about us.
  • Archery practice/tournaments
  • Spiritual culture, religion, customs & traditions
  • Textiles and art and craft
  • Ascend herders’ trails to find valley views and colorful prayer flags
  • Hike to secluded temples and monasteries, including the famed Tiger’s Nest
  • Colorful Buddhist celebrations

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