Buddhism Cultural Holiday

Buddhism Cultural Holiday


This Bhutanese Buddhism cultural holiday can be customized to your interests, but it will always center on learning about the spiritual practices, traditions, and religious customs of Bhutan. It offers an authentic and memorable experience for understanding Bhutanese Buddhism.


  • Pathways and mule roads, high mountain passes, farms, villages, and farmhouses, as well as temples and monasteries perched on peaks and ridges, rural households, and distinctive architecture
  • Contacts with various people daily, all of whom are consistently kind, attentive to our interest in them, and curious to learn more about us, including farmers, riders, shopkeepers, bar owners, weavers, monks, teachers, and children.
  • Archery drills and competitions.
  • History and Culture.
  • Local markets, textiles, arts and crafts.
  • Explore valley views and vibrant prayer flags by climbing herders’ pathways.
  • Hike to Tiger’s nest, Paro.

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