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The Druk Path Hike is regarded as a moderate trek with some difficult terrain. The 5-day journey takes trekkers through stunning alpine meadows, lush forests, and inclining terrain. Altitude sickness is a potential risk for certain hikers due to the trek’s highest point being 4,150 meters (13,600 feet) above sea level. The trail can occasionally be wet and rough, so it’s crucial to have the right hiking equipment and be in good physical shape. The hike is generally regarded as a difficult but worthwhile experience for those who are up for it. The main key to successfully prepare for any hike at altitude is to acclimate your body before attempting it!

The Druk Path hike traverses some of the most interesting and stunning stretches of an old high-level mule trail between Bhutan’s two largest towns, Paro and Thimphu.   It creates the ideal Five day trekking vacation within this distinctive Himalayan area, especially when combined with opportunity to discover the interesting culture and scenery of Bhutan.

Beginning in the Paro Valley, the fully supervised, five-day trek along the Druk Path takes you through virgin forest, extensive yak pastures, and through spectacular mountainsides.  As the adventure progresses, quaint villages and sacred mountain lakes present a wealth of cultural appeal. The greatest elevation reached is Simkota Pass, at 4,210 meters, after daily ascents of more than 3,000 meters, before the journey descends to Thimphu.


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