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Community + Us

A visit to the rural communities gives our guests a true experience of Bhutanese culture, old traditions and a better perspective of rural day to day life in our villages. These communities play a big role in the success of our trips and we love to give back a little something to the people  and the community. Our community efforts focus on:

  1. Providing access to clean drinking water to reduce disease and improve children’s health in the community
  2. Providing access to clean toilet facilities. Keeping the environment clean, by stopping use of bushes as quick latrines
  3. Awareness building on issues of hygiene and sanitation. Children practice proper hygienic behavior in the school and then take these behaviors home to their families .
  4. Community involvement to teach local people about why we need a proper toilet system and encourage the local people to self finance, construct and use proper toilets to improve community health.

We also have a program, simple call Girls Too, designed to offer education for girls in remote villages in Bhutan. 

Generosity in action ( Girls Too)
Chorten Nebu Monastic School in Bhutan

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