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  • Sleep under the rafters of an ancient farmhouse
  • Cook Bhutanese dishes and lose your palate to the taste of Ema Datsi
  • Savor locally brewed Ara fried in eggs
  • Rest by a bonfire to drift away to the soothing melody of folklore music
  • Make a wish by building a miniature stupa out of mud or flour
  • Get Married in Bhutan like a royal couple
  • Renew wedding vows the Bhutanese style
  • Milk a cow and try your skills in Cheese and butter making


  • Rejuvenate with herbal and hot stone baths
  • Heal your mind with yoga and meditation
  • Immerse in natural Himalayan hot spring
  • Try our indigenous therapies
  • Experience undisturbed calmness of nature
  • Try your skills with organic cooking from a selection of your favorite organic food
  • Enjoy a session on meditation with a renowned master

Popular Picks

  • Share HAPPINESS posting letters with stamps made from your Best Bhutan Photos
  • Close up Selfie with Mt Everest. Sit on the left while flying into the country and on the right if you are flying out.  Best on Delhi & Kathmandu flights
  • Say Hello to Takin, the national animal of Bhutan and learn the story behind the mystical animal
  • Discover the tales of the Phallus and get blessed
  • Being an Olympian – perform balancing acts on a suspension bridge
  • Hike up the sacred Taksang Monastery, lovingly also called the Tiger’s Nest and watch how it defies gravity

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